About Us

WRAP Resources Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based “cold works” goods and services specialist, with expertise throughout repairs and upkeep, including pipeline rehabilitation, pipe support implementation and wider plant maintenance. We excel in “cold repairs”, particularly for oil and gas sectors. A defining point of this excellence is our ATEX certified cold grinding and cutting tools in Zones 1 and 2 areas, utilised for remedial and preventive maintenance operations.

Maintenance Solutions

– Quick 1 piece installation
– Customised engineer
– 10 years warranty
– Easy remove/refit for installation
– UV stable
– Abrasion resistance
– Shape and size conforming
– No Hot works required

– Custom engineering compliant to ASME & ISO codes
– No Hot works required
– Asset life extension
– Permanent solution
– Chemically resistant
– Wide temperature capabilities

– Permanent connection
– Fast turnaround
– Excellent in tight spaces
– No requirement for X-Ray or pickling
– Proven technology since 1960s

– ATEX/ DNV certified cold technology
– Low noise
– No hot sparks
– Low vibration
– Extremely safe, operated under cold work permit
– No delays
– Simple set up

– Alleviate single point loads on pipeline
– Low profile (requires minimum clearance of 1”)
– High load lifting capabilities up to 67 tons
– Load distribution on pipeline, avoids tension point which can potentially cause yielding
– Light and quick on mobilization
– Safety relieve valve set at 8.5bar


  • Corrosion & Environmental Protection of Marine Structures
  • Innovative Composites Solutions
  • Cold Grinding and Cutting Technology
  • Cold, Weldless, Threadless Way to Join Pipes
  • Engineered Pipe Lifting Services
  • Turnkey Cold Works Maintenance Solutions