WRAP Resources Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based “cold works” goods and services specialist, with expertise throughout repairs and upkeep, including pipeline rehabilitation, pipe support implementation and wider plant maintenance. We excel in “cold repairs”, particularly for oil and gas sectors. A defining point of this excellence is our ATEX certified cold grinding and cutting tools in Zones 1 and 2 areas, utilised for remedial and preventive maintenance operations.

At WRAP, we realise that unscheduled plant shut downs are enforced for safety concerns when traditional metallic repairs require hot welding for expended gas and oil pipelines. However, our non-metallic repair is provided as a full turnkey cold work solution, thus guaranteeing that strengthening pipelines and pipe support involves no heat-reliant procedures. WRAP’s world-class services significantly eradicates external corrosion and structurally rehabilitates the asset, whilst also totally erasing the need for costly plant shut downs. Our Neptune Research Inc. composites, together with the use of Safety Tools Allmet, enables us to perform maintenance under a “cold work permit”, thus providing a cost efficient solution and boost safety to a higher level.

Part of WRAP’s pipeline rehabilitation service includes HDD field joint protection. In these procedures we focus on the complete protection of field joint coatings and prepare the pipe for the pull through by providing a robust mechanical protection over the field joint coating.

It is evident that the integrity of composite repairs depends largely on how well the compounds are adhered to the surface of the pipe. We have studied that the profile of the prepared surface significantly affects the adhesion integrity of the composite repairs. However, many of the classified sites cannot be shut down for use of hot works surface preparation methods as grinding and sandblasting and as a consequence, many of the repairs were not performed satisfactorily due to poor adhesion to unclean surface. Through matching epoxy/resin based solutions with “cold grinding” methods, we are able to deliver an unparalleled process that ensures quality application and workmanship.

Our remedial and preventive maintenance services are proven to dramatically prevent unscheduled shut downs, increase production, cut costs and push profits.

Our plant maintenance services an extensive array of common problems such as corrosion, HDD field joint protection, splash zone protection, tank rehabilitation, structural rehabilitation, etc. Feel free to speak to our team to discuss on your problems. Support from our customer service team can be found here.

WRAP’s solutions address a wide range of mechanical, piping and tankage problems such as:

Corrosion both internal and external
Wall thickness loss
Loss of hoop and axial strength
Denting/mechanical damage
Underwater repairs
Splash zone protection
Pipe support protection
Field joint protection for HDD
Joint damage
Loss of containment integrity
Improved process safety
Cold grinding and cutting in zone 1 & 2

Our Mission

Ensuring the safety and integrity of piping systems has always been a top priority and it is indeed a demanding job for pipeline operators. WRAP utilises the latest in cold work technology, to be the leader in promoting safer and more productive work practices through effective propagation of Holistic Cold Works.

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