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Thermo-Wrap™CF is a custom engineered carbon fibre composite system utilizing a high strength, biaxial hybrid carbon and glass fiber.  Using NRI’s proprietary Thermo-Poxy™ epoxy system for remedial processes of pipes operating at elevated temperatures and high temperature oil and gas maintenance and industrial pipe repair.  
Syntho-Glass® is a startlingly versatile syntho glass cloth that adheres to steel, clay, concrete, rubber, SS, PVC and more. Made of fibreglass, its amazing components are activated by salt or fresh water. A remarkably adaptable industrial pipe repair utility.  
Syntho-Glass® UV delivers UV stabilization wherever UV degradation may occur, including pipe coatings or previous composite repairs. Attractive and non-yellowing, this is superior to anything on the market.
Thermo-Fill™ oil and gas maintenance putty boasts a two-part, titanium-reinforced epoxy design. Bonding and repairing pipes exposed to high temperatures, such as an oil or gas pipe. Industrial pipe repair is made easier thanks to Thermo-Fill™.
The Syntho-Glass®UP Repair System repairs active leak repair for pipes and joints with simplicity and is pre-packaged to allow for pipes that are up to 10 inches in diameter, repair applications of greater size can be custom engineered to your specifications. Through amalgamating the original Syntho-Glass® product, with the undisputed chemical resistance of Syntho-Steel™ and unique Pressure Sealing Rubber Tape, the system delivers geometric flexibility to repair joints, tees, couplings, and pinholes. Meanwhile it is perfectly adept when working with copper, steel, SS, PVC, FRP, clay, concrete, rubber, and many other materials.
Syntho-Glass® is used for leak repairs where the line can be temporarily isolated. It fixes broken pipes, offering a rapid, patented and simple solution.
The Syntho-Shield™ Tape Coating System is easily applicable and resistant to temperature extremes. It provides oil and gas pipe corrosion protection, insulation, sealing and waterproof coverage for a multitude of surfaces.
Syntho-Subsea™LV Epoxy is a low viscosity, self-levelling, underwater epoxy mastic sealant system. Our formulation is safely solvent-free and uses Kevlar® fibres for viscosity and reinforcement management that work even underwater.  A unique combination of liquid epoxy, polymer and aliphatic polyamine curing agents displace water from wet surfaces, assuring permanent bonds.  Offering long-lasting protection under adversity, exceptional field-friendliness and superior, low-toxicity ingredients in a high-build brushable/rollable good. Syntho-Subsea™LV Epoxy can be shipped without regulations by USDOT, IATA, and IMO.
Syntho-Steel™: steel strengthened, epoxy putty that is dual-part constructed.
A simple and practical joint sealing tape produced via a mix of butyl rubber, fire retardant fillers, and selected adhesion promoters. Enjoy the high performance of our Petrolatum Tape.
Complete emergency pipe repair with confidence. Our kits’ tools are efficient, trustworthy and long-lastingly sturdy.  
Be assured of quality when face hull damage or emergency pipe repair. Syntho-Plug™ is a urethane impregnated, water-activated foam plug that gives you reliability at speed.


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