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Safety Tools Allmet – Non Spark Cold Grinding and Cutting Tools

WRAP Resources Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd’s innovative flagship product, “Safety Tools Allmet”, is ready to supply you with a complete selection of Non spark grinding and cutting tools. Our range of non spark tools are the safest method for grinding and cutting metal, a leader in industry standard. Looking for the safest and effective solutions to cold cut and grind metal? This is your answer.

Clients, particularly those in oil and gas industries, will be assured that the non spark tools are fully certified by DNV to affirm their safety and usability. WRAP realises the dangers of production and we are incredibly devoted to client safety and integrity of their assets, therefore we are proud of the extreme safety delivered by our non spark technology. What’s more, anti-static foam packs all of our Safety Tools products, allowing users to down their static energy when using the tools. The entire tool kit is built around safety.

Our meticulous attention to detail, combined with our passion for the industry and unsurpassed knowledge and product range means that WRAP is your best resource. You simply will not find a superior alternative to our non spark grinding and cutting tools from Safety Tools Allmet. For safety, reliability and performance, use WRAP.

Introducing our All New Pelicase - Nicely presented in two layers, with individual customised slots for every equipment. Packaged in Anti-Static foam.

     New Pelicase Suitcase


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