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Products ~ Safety Tools Allmet ~ Introduction

Don’t risk hot-welding. Workers’ lives are endangered by hot welding cutting and grinding in flammable EX areas where hazardous products like oil and gas are manufactured. The human risk is further amplified by the economic costs of hot welding errors.

Avoid this threat, use WRAP Resources. We understand how frequently old-fashioned, traditional cutting and grinding tools are not suitable, hence our staunch commitment to delivering the best cold works services in Singapore.

Cold works are the future in maintenance for high risk industries with presence of flammable media. Clients such as Chevron, Shell, Premier Oil, etc (amongst others) agrees. Join them and don’t get left behind. Some may see habitats as an alternative. True, it works. But do you want the incurrent hassle, costs and set up time that habitats require? Why would you when WRAP provides a cheaper, more efficient and safer solution.

Acclaimed by our clients from oil and gas industries, WRAP’s cold works services will assure you nothing short of satisfying results and an unforgettable customer experience. We are truly passionate about providing cold works solutions, as we love our products and the positive impact they have on our clients.



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