– ATEX/ DNV certified cold technology
– Low noise
– No hot sparks
– Low vibration
– Extremely safe, operated under cold work permit
– No delays
– Simple set up

Case Study - Cold Grind/Cut


The client had a planned shut down on a 80m crude oil tank. They needed to safely cut a manhole access of 72” x 52” to facilitate tank cleaning and maintenance. The only option was to perform a cold cut as the tank is not totally gas free. The tank plate specification at the location of the intended manhole is as follow:



Safety Tools A-0301 cutting solution was used in this project to ensure that the manhole is cut in a safe and productive manner. A full review of the certification was extensively reviewed by the client before the commencement of the project. A customized jig (specific to the size of the access hole) was made to hold the tools in place for the job. The entire project took approximately 5 days to complete and 3 cutting blades was used.


The entire cutting process is completed without the need for hot work permits. It is completed within the project schedule without any compromise on safety standards. The solution eliminated the need for the client to perform man entry to the tank and to avoid the performance of hot works when unsure of the LELs within such a large tank.