– Quick 1 piece installation
– Customised engineer
– 10 years warranty
– Easy remove/refit for installation
– UV stable
– Abrasion resistance
– Shape and size conforming
– No Hot works required

Case Study - Marine Protection


Several jetty marine piles are severely damaged at splash zone in offloading wharf after 30 years of operations. Steel thickness was eroded and efforts to fix with other coating failed prematurely. In fact, the corrosion within the repaired sections with other coatings accelerated and marine civil rehabilitation is required to fix the piles.


The project was planned to be executed under favorable tide and weather conditions. Resource loading was planned to have 2 divers and 2 personnel topside on a U-pontoon. The surface on the section of the pile is prepared by means of hand scraper, followed by cleaning with low pressure water jet in accordance with SSPC-SP2. Once the surface preparation is completed, CCS custom engineered 1-piece jacket was installed. The team was able to apply 12 piles per day, and the entire project was completed within 3 weeks.


The client chose CCS wraps as the solution of choice for preventing corrosion caused by marine environment. They also put in place a corrosion monitoring program where they continuously monitor the corrosion rate on the marine piles. The client was very satisfied with the results with minimal manpower needed for the application and the project was handed back early due to the ease of install. Corrosion rate was observed to be 0.0961 mil per year after approximately 7 years exposure.