Cold Welding

– Permanent connection
– Fast turnaround
– Excellent in tight spaces
– No requirement for X-Ray or pickling
– Proven technology since 1960s

Case Study - Cold Welding Technology


¾” steam trace along a loading arm was experiencing leaks at the elbow location just before a vessel is about to dock for loading. The leak badly affected the efficiency of the loading as the viscosity of the product increased with heat loss. It was also located downstream that several leaks were identified along the same line. Quick action was needed to return the line back to service without disruption to loading. WRAP was engaged to provide a code compliant repair in the shortest possible turnaround before docking.


The project was executed under very short notice. A quick site visit was performed to ascertain the locations which needed to be replaced, followed by in-house fabrication of the spools that needs to be replaced. The leaking sections was cut off with a tubing cutter, followed by surface preparation with the use of emery cloth to bare metal. The fabricated spool was aligned in position and the fitting was crimped into place. The entire process from site visit to install took a mere 2 hours.


The entire repair is performed under “cold works” and resulted in negligible delays in the loading schedule. The solution eliminated the need for hot works and allowed the client to have a permanent repair (by codes) in a very short turnaround time.