Engineered Pipe Lifting
services (EPLS)

– Alleviate single point loads on pipeline
– Low profile (requires minimum clearance of 1”)
– High load lifting capabilities up to 67 tons
– Load distribution on pipeline, avoids tension point which can potentially cause yielding
– Light and quick on mobilization
– Safety relieve valve set at 8.5bar

Case Study - Engineered Pipe Lifting services (EPLS)


Our client has a very comprehensive and robust preventive maintenance program on their pipe support location, dealing with the issue of CUPS (corrosion under pipe support). As part of the program, routine inspection is performed to ascertain the condition of the coatings. The pipes will need to be safely lifted off the pipe support, and properly shored, to allow access for preventive maintenance to be carried out. Traditional methods of lifting with the use of A-frames, chain block, hydraulic jacks, has had a history of pipe rupture due to single point load, which cannot be ascertained.


Pipe stress analysis is performed with CAESAR II and it allows engineers to be guided on the maximum allowable lifting height for each pipeline. As compared to traditional methods of lifting pipeline, the use of lifting air bags is a much safer and more efficient method as it help in load distribution, thus alleviating the stress of a single point load.


Engineered pipe lifting services enable the client to fulfil their preventive maintenance program in a safe, productive and timely manner.